Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Yesterday my PFTs were as good as I had hoped they'd be. I was hoping for a 1.6 on my FEV1 and I got a 1.6L! YAY! My improvement on my FVC (the total amount of air I can take in and breathe out) was WAY up too and the doctors were pleased. Yesterday they told me that if I made enough improvement they'd dishcharge me. I'm happy to report that I am blogging from the comfort of my own home. It's so nice to be sitting on a bed that doesn't hurt my back.

My mom was my transportation home and she brought along some "welcome home" pajamas to encourage me to continue to take it easy now that I'm home. The first thing I did after eating lunch was check on the rabbits. They were really skittish around me, but once they figured out that I was going to offer them food they seemed to be a bit more interested in me.

Brad has forbidden me to do much of anything (I love it that he treats me like a princess!) and basically just wants me to rest as much as I can. So right now I'm hanging on in the bedroom getting caught up on email and enjoying the wonderful smell of dinner cooking. My mom made us her famous "Peek-a-Boo" chicken. It's one of our faves. Brad stopped at the grocery store last night, so the fridge is nice and full too. I can say enough how good it is to be home.

It's always just a bit overwhelming to be home. Everything seems so big. Our bedroom for instance is larger than the hospital room and it's attached to our master bathroom. It's pretty cool not to have to drag an IV pole around with me to the bathroom, not to mention I don't have to keep track of how much I'm peeing. That reminds me, I probably should be drinking a lot of water now that I'm not hooked up liquid IVs TKO (that means "to keep open" my IV line for those of you who don't speak hospital.)

Well, that's it for now. Thank you all SO MUCH for the prayers, cards, phone calls and visits. It was wonderful to be supported on so many different levels. I only hope that I can be that much of a blessing to others in need.

I am so happy you are finally home!
So glad your home & Comfy!!
Yay! you made my day! I am so glad you're out of the joint!

Get lots of rest and yes drink lots of fluids!!!
Welcome home!

That's awesome news! Enjoy the comfort of home and say "hi" to Brad for us.
YEAH!!! You're home! I'm so glad!
Yay,glad you're home and PFT's were good!!Relax and enjoy:)
Hurray!!! I think of you EVERY day! So glad you are home and in your own home. Your honey and bunnies must be so happy!
I'm so glad you are home...there is nothing like the comforts of your own home! Praying you continue to feel better!
Dan has had a really rough time lately too, so I haven't been checking much online. I'm sorry to read you have been having such a hard time. Know that I am sending healing thoughts, prayers and well-wishes your way. You are an inspiration, my friend.
Love and Light,
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