Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peek-A-Boo ICU

Yesterday was a rough day followed by an even rougher night. I started getting really short of breath around 7, so I had the nurse page respiratory. By the time the RT got to my room my chest hurt like crazy and I was starting to hyperventilate. I just couldn't get enough air in. I'll spare you the majority of the scary details but the ultimate result was that I ended up spending the night in the ICU hooked up to BiPAP.

I've never had to be on BiPAP before and it was a bit scary. That mask they put over your face is loud and uncomfortable. What made things worse was that I wasn't wearing my glasses or my hearing aids, so everything that was going on around me was blurry and muffled. I was so glad Brad was there to hold my hand because I was starting to freak out.

Today I'm back in a regular room but I'm hooked up to 4liters of oxygen and 5 intravenous antibiotics. My sats are better at that rate, but I still think I have a long way to go before they'll let me out of here. I'm pretty exhausted so I plan on hibernating for much of the remainder of the weekend. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. We know they are not without avail. God has been so faithful to us through all this. We don't understand why so many dramatic things are happening this time, but we know that He is in charge of all the details--large and small.


I am praying for you tonight.
Oh no, Lauren
I'm glad you are back at the ward now.

Hope you won't have to see that bi-pap mask for a long time to come.

Keeping you in my thoughts


I will be adding you to my prayers today. I am being baptized at the end of htis month and the praying is still a bit rough as it is new but you will surely be in them. I admire your faith.

take care

Oh Lauren, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. Your faith is incredible and always inspires me. We are sending love and praying for you. xoxo Elise and the Froggy family.
Oh, Lauren, I was hoping you'd be getting better by now! I hope you don't need that bi-pap mask again.

I'm glad Brad can be there and hold your hand!
I am so sorry that had to be so scary I am glad it was only one night in ICU and that you are doing better. If your bored and what to chat you can always call me or e mail me.
I've been wondering how you're doing since you posted???
Me too...
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