Friday, February 27, 2009

Icky Pain Day

Forget the old addage "red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky in morning, sailor's warning!" I wish there was some sort of compass that could help me navigate through the choppy waters of arthritis. For me the pain doesn't just "come and go." It comes and stays. Granted, the doctors wrote me some pretty great prescriptions when they discharged me. You should have seen the size of the bag Brad brought into the house when he got home.

I consider myself blessed because somehow the pain has disappeared from my hands and fingers. Isn't the Now if only we could get a handle on this itchiness. It definitely feels like a "serum sickness" type of issue as opposed to an infection all its own. My doc seemed a bit stumped about it during my last appointment. He said he'd track down the best of the best to see about getting me added to their clientele.

As I'm sitting here typing I've been watching the rabbits run around. They sure are gleeful! It's amazing to me that God can put so much energy into a body that small. I just put a blanket on the floor for them to play with. Coral was bunching and smooshing and rearranging it to suit her needs. I wish I had my camera because Coral is 90% of the way tucked in under the blanket. All that's showing are her hind quarters. She's resting with her chin down on her front paws. It's quite adorable.

Speaking of a rest, I think it's about time for my afternoon nap.

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Hi Lauren, I was just looking on for an update on you then decided to look here! Duh!

I'm glad that some of the medicine is helping with the arthritis. I've had some of that, but nearly to the extent that you've had to live with.

The itching...that one I'm really familiar with. They had me taking Zantac and Benadryl for that. It helped some, but not 100%. But when you're itching that bad you're happy if you get 50%!!

Hoping you are getting rested up and enjoying your hubby and family taking care of you. And your bunnies! Love you, Debbi
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