Monday, January 19, 2009

Articles for the New Year

Are you the type of person who made New Year's Resolutions? If so you probably made one or two about changing your lifestyle to be healthier or better in some way. Perhaps you're renewing your spiritual life. If you're looking for a little inspiration or maybe a reminder or two about things you already knew, here are a few articles I've written that may be useful to you as you begin afresh in 2009.

TOPIC: Health and Wellness

Why We Age: How to Turn Back the Clock

How Zinc Helps the Performance of the Human Body

The Healthiest Type of Chocolate

Why Some People Gain Weight While Others Stay Thin

Effective Diets Must Consider the Mind as Well as the Body

Easy Ways to Deal with Stress

Ways to Cope with Stress

Tips for Exercising when you Don't Have the Time

Exposing Fitness Myths

Maximizing Antioxidants in Your Diet

Are There "Healthy" Fats?

TOPIC: Christian Living

How to Live a Life that is Pleasing to God

Putting God First in Your Life

How the Bible Relates to Everyday Life

The Seven Virtues

TOPIC: Finances

Easy Ways to Save Money

Renting Vs. Buying

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