Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update - from Brad

Quick update... Lauren is doing much better now. She's still in the hospital and on 4LPM with an oxymizer, but the last several days she's been wide awake, lucid and pretty normal (as opposed to the major confusion and disorientation brought on by lack of oxygen and beginning-of-antibiotics medicine head at first).

Unfortunately her port got infected and they had to take it out. They weren't able to put a new one in at the same time, but they want to do that before she leaves. It's unfortunate that the UCSD transplant doc's first impression of her was when she was doing so unbelievably poorly, but hopefully we'll be able to convince him that she's a good candidate.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lauren's in again: a post from Brad

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that Lauren ended up in the hospital again. We were actually in the process of transplant evaluation (for double-lung), and during our meeting with one of the nurse coordinators of the transplant program Lauren de-saturated pretty badly; we stopped the meeting and rushed her downstairs to the ER.

That was a really scary day. She's doing a lot better now, but she's still in the Critical Care Unit. Also, we're in a different hospital than usual since our meeting with the transplant team was in a different place than the CF clinic.

Her oxygen saturation is doing well (with 7 LPM through an oxymizer), though it was also discovered that she has pneumonia in her right lung. They've also suspended the transplant evaluation until she's feeling better.

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