Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sedation break

Lauren got a quick sedation break this morning, so I was able to say "hi" and feel her squeeze my hand. She's getting better slowly but surely, though the c.diff is still present and she's still on the vent. We still have a long way to go...


Glad you got that squeeze, Brad. Even slow progress is good progress! Thanks for the update!
saying prayers for her and you...
Thanks for the news. Will continue to be praying.
Thinking of you both and sending love your way.
Praying for you guys!!! That hand squeeze can definitely be a great feeling. Keep us updated.
Praying for both of you!!
Lauren, I'm so sad to hear your having a tough time. Your in my thoughts daily. (((hugs)))
Hang in there Lauren your in my thoughts. I'm sorry :( this all sucks.
Thinking about you both!
Our Prayers are with you both...
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