Friday, June 19, 2009

Quite Sore

The last couple days I've been sleeping on and off as the pain medication takes hold. I didn't know I could hurt this much and NOT have it be post-surgical pain. Every movement I make somehow manages to concentrate itself around my sore rib. It's so bad that I'm not doing my vest right now, which is a bummer because that's such a critical part of my health care. Fortunately I do have a hand-held percussion massager that I can use on my good side to keep things opened up. I try to keep my coughing at a minimum, but that's hard too. Good thing I have so many sets of pajamas! I think I'll be living in them for awhile while I heal.

On the positive side of my day, today I got a new iPhone. It's currently being held captive by my husband, but I'm looking forward to playing with it as soon as he gets home. It probably does things well above and beyond what I need it to do, but it was fun to splurge on a personal item. Mine is white and Brad's is black.

Well done Lauren. You write so well. I started reading your blog to try and better understand CF and how it affects your life as my girlfriend's 3 year old daughter has CF. All I can say is that I have tremendous admiration for you and wish you well. I enjoy your writig and find you inspiring.

God bless you.
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