Friday, January 02, 2009

Feelin' Fine in 2009!

Yesterday afternoon I was in a bit of a funk. I had zero motivation and just felt sort of blah. I'm going to blame it on the gloomy weather. Today I'm in a much better mood and my motivation and energy level were significantly improved. I got so much done today! Brad suggested that I make a list of things that are good about being at home, including things that I can do (not necessarily a "to-do" list, but more of a "can-do" list.) Here are just some of the things that I accomplished today:

1. Cleaned and organized the closet under the stairs
2. Washed the sheets and remade the bed. This is particularly significant because in the past I've been too winded or weak to carry laundry let alone make the bed myself.
3. Made chicken parmigiana for dinner
4. Washed and rehung the towels in the bathrooms

Not a bad little list, eh? Tomorrow I'll help Brad with the laundry which will FINALLY include getting some ironing done.

I'm still having some trouble getting to sleep at night. I hope that works itself out soon. Insomnia is something that really gets me off track when it happens. I'm praying that my days will be filled with enough activity that I will be tired enough for bed at reasonable times. I'm still taking a "lie down" (I lie down but don't necessarily sleep) in the afternoons around 2:00. Maybe that's what's goofing me up? I'm sure it will work itself out soon enough. It usually does.

That was a good idea of Brad's. I'm trying to concentrate on the positive, too.

Our new health ins. just kicked in and Wed. I get a PICC in and start IV's. That means I need to be a little busier now because I know that will effect me some. I'm trying to get over a cold/bronchitis right now, also.

I think resting in the afternoon is a good idea. I wouldn't think that would cause the sleeping problem since you're doing things later in the day. I have the sleeping problems, too, even with Ambien at times, but much of mine is menopause.
Hey Lauren,

I noticed you CF blog. I saw this article about a dad who is trying to raise money for CF treatment. I thought I would share and hope you share with others.
Found your blog through Cindy; cure cf for Reilly. I am an adult cf'er also. With the insomnia do you find it's when you are feeling well but still haven't tapered off on steroids. Usually I have terrible insomnia after a hospital stay when I have had higher than norm. steriods. I am so happy Cindy has found me, I have felt so alone in my disease, my family especially hubby isn't too supportive. They just don't get it, my dd is great, but I feel guilty because she is only 11 and seems to have alot more responsibility than most children her age. I'm hoping it will give her character she already says she wants to be a nurse. I've even let her give me my insulin shots; diabetes, brought on by steroids. Sorry I don't mean to ramble it's just nice to see how others live with this disease. I find myself feeling guilty because at least I've lived an adult life and it's so sad that it's known to be a child killer. It hurts my heart to know how it affects the little ones. Thanks for sharing your story with others.
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