Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bellies, Smokers and Strangers

I've gained a LOT of weight from the prednisone (current weigh-in is 130 lbs) and have developed that characteristic "kangaroo pouch" all CFers have come to know and love. I've made a deliberate decision this time to be content knowing that my lungs are clear and it's a lot to do with the prednisone. The side effects of the steroids are just something to bear.

I honestly have a sense of peace about my body right now. I like that my legs are heavier and that my chin isn't as pointy as it could me. I have plenty of cute, flattering tops that will make my tummy less obvious. Thankfully scarves are all the rage right now and wearing them also helps cover up my funny looking belly.

Believe me when I say I'm laughing about my experience at the grocery store. I'm thankful that a stranger would step in (albeit an ignorant stranger) to help protect my "unborn child."

It happened at the grocery store after having made all my purchases. I was standing in the breezeway putting my receipt in my purse like so many other do. I was about to put some change in the Salvation Army kettle when the Salvation Army volunteer starting making a fuss.

"Sir, excuse me, would you mind taking that over there?" Apparently someone had lit up a cigarette about 2 feet away from us. There was a bit of a disturbance as the smoke ranted a moment about it being a free country. That's when it really got good. The Salvation Army lady said "Well if it's a free country then this woman's baby has rights too and I doubt the baby wants to share your cigarette."

My what? Oh yeah. My prednisone tummy. My steroid baby.

Dropping in a little more change than I had original planned, I thanked the woman, offered her a smile and went on my merry little Christmas way. She didn't need to know the truth, it would have only confused or embarrassed her.

So tonight I'm eating for one (not two despite my abdominal swelling), and thanking God that there are some decent people left in the world who will verbalize for what they believe is right and decent. I'm just glad the lady didn't try to rub my belly :)

LOL!!! This post made me laugh! I am glad you are out and doing well! I am glad the steroids helped and your right the fashion tops right now will totally hide your steroid baby :)
Thank you for sharing a beautiful story! I have missed your posts and I'm glad you are back!
I really don't mind my CF baby belly anymore either.
I don't even see it anymore really. Only when it really acts up and I look about 20 weeks along or even more :)

laughing hysterically, oh yes..the steroid tummy, fyi-the maternity tops hide it. lol

Just got off another 4 weeks of it. Finally!

Glad you are doing well hon

Hope you have a beautiful Christmas!
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