Monday, October 27, 2008

Starting off a Good Week

This weekend was pretty decent. Brad and I spent lots of time together just vegetating in front of the TV and enjoying one another's company. It's so nice to have my freedom back. I'm sleeping well considering how long it had been since I'd slept in my own bed. My energy level is great too. The only thing I'm having trouble with is my blood sugars. I haven't really been able to reign that in yet. It'll get there though.

In other news, I just couldn't stand looking at Gimli's empty cage, so we took a trip to the animal shelter. We adopted an adorable pair of twin bunnies. They're not very socialized yet, but they seem plenty happy as they bound around the loft together leaping and twisting mid-air. (That's always a sign of a happy bunny.) We figure that by having a bonded pair, they won't get lonely. Their names are Coral and Sandy. I'll post pictures eventually.

I've been noticing all day how good it feels to BREATHE. I'm so grateful for every breath and praise God for how he sustains me. I'm even more grateful for every breath that come easily. To have the energy and ability to do stuff around the house, take care of some errands and still do the fun things I want (like play with bunnies!) without huffing and puffing and getting short of breath is a tremendous feeling. This is probably the most successful clean-out I've had in a couple of years. I hope it lasts all winter and into the summer. That would be phenomenal.

Okay I can't stop laughing because I am thinking of that one comment of Brad's. "Will we have to get another cage?"

I am so glad to hear things are much better. Yay for twin bunnies! And double yay that your breathing is much better.

Can't wait to see you on Thursday.
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