Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodbye Hospital, Goodbye Gimli

Today I finally got to come home. We had a LONG delay at the hospital (as usual) getting the right prescriptions written and filled. I hate checking out on Fridays because no one wants to work all the way until 5pm--they all want to cut out by 2:00 because they have other things to do. We're still waiting for the home health care people (Coram again) to drop of supplies and meds. Let's hope for their sake that they can do that without screwing up because today is NOT the day to mess with my emotions.

Speaking of emotions, I'm sorry to say that our beloved little friend Gimli died in my lap tonight. I came home to find him barely breathing, his food and water dish untouched. Apparently he got a hairball which quickly progressed to a bowel obstruction and he just couldn't rebound. It just so happened that where we were sitting on the floor we were leaning up against a rainbow on the wall that was reflecting from our bedroom. Gimli shuddered a few times, gave that last little "rabbit wail" and then it was over.

We laid him to rest in little knitted blanket that I had worked on the last couple days. (Kelly, I can now relate to how you feel about losing your cat not to mention your blanket). Gimli will be much missed.

Oh Lauren, I am so sorry to hear that! I remember when my bunnies died, too, it was very sad :-(. I am glad you finally got your surgery, though, and I hope you recover quickly. I've been thinking of you!
Dear Lauren,
I'm so glad you're home, but I'm so sorry to hear about Gimli. I know how much you treasured his company and enjoyed having him. Hugs.
Oh my goodness Lauren. My eyes are welling up with tears. I know how much Gimli meant to you and Brad and how much a part of your family he was. Losing a pet is very very hard. They just seem so understanding (even though they can't talk)and know what to do when you need a little perk up.

I am so so sorry to hear about this.

I hope your health continues to improve though, especially now that you are HOME!
I'm so sorry lauren... Gimli was a champion of rabbits. I know you will miss him, but I am sure he felt your love. I'm sorry...
I'm sorry to hear about Gimli. Love to you. Elise
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