Monday, September 22, 2008

Can't Sleep, so I'm praying

It's been awhile since I've had a sleepless night. I think tonight my problem is that I napped for far too long this afternoon. Well, that and there's a lot on my mind. It's one of those nights where I can't really fall all the way asleep, so I just pray all night. (With the exception of taking a break to blog for a bit.)

Things on my prayer list right now are my grandma. She just had surgery and is in the hospital. It was quite a sudden thing to have happen, so I'm praying that her body can rebound from the ordeal quickly and easily. She and grandpa had plans to go visit my cousins later this week. I don't know if they'll still get to do that or not.

I'm also praying quite a bit for Brad's grandparents. They're at a point in their life where it might be better for them not to be in their own home. Brad's mom and her brother are having to make some pretty major decisions about what to do for their parents. I pray that the right decisions will be made and that there will be peace about them.

Next on my prayer list is my husband. I'm so thankful for him. He has been such a tremendous source of encouragement and support during my time on disability. He's never pressured me to go back to work. He's been there to hold my hand whenever I'm upset by the situation. He's also been wonderfully patient with me as I've gotten into the routine of being at home more often. I want to do better at being a good wife for him because he deserves it. He makes me so happy and I want him to feel that way too.

Over the last few days I've been praying a lot for my doctors. I am tentatively scheduled for sinus surgery on Wednesday, but there's a possibility that might not happen. My doctor is concerned about doing it as an outpatient because there might be complications because I have a long bleed time. I'm praying and hoping that there will be a way for me to have the surgery inpatient and not have to wait any longer for the procedure. I've been in extreme pain from my blocked sinuses for long enough. I'm trying to stay away from needing the vidodin, but there are some days when the pain is so bad that nothing else helps.

There are many, many other things on my prayer list. I feel blessed to know that I serve a God who knows every word that's on my heart before I even think it. He knows what situations are going on and how they need to work out. He always brings about good things in my life, even though I may not always see them that way at first. God is certainly a mighty and generous God. It's a privilege to be able to approach his throne on behalf of my family's needs.

That's one of the things I like most about God. He is this awesome being; he controls the universe, its times, its seasons, yet in the midst of all that he does, he has time to listen to me. I am His child and every bit as important to him as the ocean currents and the political situations in the Middle East. He not only takes time to hear me, he wants to hear from me. A relationship with Him is something I hope I never take for granted.

Hello, Lauren,
There are lots of things to pray for, aren't there. And, yes, we have a God who cares and who listens to our cries.

I hope your grandmother gets better quickly. I will pray with you for Brad's mother and brother. They have hard decisions. I think about my kids and when the day comes that they'll have to be thinking about what to do with me! And that day will swurely will come.

And I pray for you, too. Being home when you've been accustomed to the working world is difficult.

I know you will find joy wherever you are.
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