Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lousy Night Nurse

Today I'm very frustrated. I had a lousy nurse last night. Things just didn't go well, so I want to rant about it.

I'm in isolation (thanks cepacia) so nurses who come in contact with me must wear that stupid yellow gown. This nurse I had last night came in my room with the gown still folded, just draped over his arm. Yeah, that'll work. He wore gloves at least. He was a mumbler which, even with my hearing aids made him hard to understand. His accent didn't help either. That's not to say that I dislike nurses with accents, it just made this particular situation difficult.

I explained to him about my night meds and how I have to get them by 8:30 otherwise it throws off my whole schedule. He didn't seem to register the conversation. Even though I called him, I didn't get my meds until more than an hour later.

Here's the real kicker. He hung my Merrem at 12:30 am (which he wrote down as being 24:30--what a dummy. I think he meant 00:30.)Well, he hung it but never ran it. I woke up this morning after having had a really rough night, and saw that the pouch of Merrem was still hanging there, completely FULL. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't skipping a dose of an antibiotic a bad thing?

I filed an incident report with the main nurse here. I'm not happy about what happened.

So today I'm less than cheery. I want to go home so badly. I still haven't even seen my CF doctor and that's bugging me too. Oh yeah, and the RT forgot about me this morning. I'm seriously feeling frustrated here. I want to go home.

Oh my, that is inexcusable.
I feel for you so much Lauren! I have had so many crazy experiences, it is just crazy what happens, or for that matter, DOESN'T happen in the hospital. Once I paged the nurse for insulin, and i woke up the next morning, realizing it never came. If my diabetes was worse, I could have been in a coma or something, and no one would have known..... It is so crazy in there... I am actually going in tomorrow and having my port replaced and startin IVS... so we will be hospital comrades... Even though i will be at stanford...Take care!
Oh that stinks about the missed dose! I skipped a dose once and got a terrible high fever, but I was pretty sick at the time. You seem to be on the upswing. I hope the rest of your day goes smooth.
What a lousy day you had! I hope it has improved since then.

I had a nurse do that before - hang it up and forget to turn it on. I'm glad you filed a report on that nurse.
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