Friday, November 28, 2008

Waiting for a Bed

Ever since my little ER event, I've been at home trying to take it easy. I've tried pacing myself so that I don't run out of energy between naps. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that sitting still is not my forte. Thankfully I've got my knitting hobby to keep me entertained and busy without exerting too much energy.

Our Thanksgiving was a nice mellow one. We drove up to Brad's parent's home to enjoy time with them, Brad's grandparents and my sister-in-law. I was in charge of bringing a veggie tray for an appetizer. The one I found at the grocery store was pre-packaged and had a nice variety. Mom prepared so much food! All of it was wonderful--even the stuffing, and I'm not a fan of stuffing. What I am a fan of though is the gelatin dessert Mom makes. She had said she wasn't going to make it this year (*GASP!) but she did anyway. Just to show my appreciation, I ate squares of it.

Today we kept praying that the phone would ring and that it would be the hospital saying they had a bed for me. No luck. Perhaps sometime this weekend. I'm not going to make any bets though. I think I have a better shot at getting in on Monday. My bag is already packed and ready to go.

Part of me hopes I don't get in until Monday because on Sunday night I'm supposed to give a short version of my testimony to our congregation at church. It will be difficult to condense all of what God has been doing in my life into a 2 minute speech. I don't really know quite where to start either. I guess what I want people to understand is that God has continually provided for me. He has sustained me when CF threatens to undo me, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. When there are no answers to the "why's" in my life, God sends his Holy Spirit to tell me gently that there isn't always a reason. Last but not least, God has blessed me with a supportive church family and circle of friends who don't hesitate to let me know that I'm thought about and cared for at all times. I know for certain that all of that is God's doing, and for that I praise his Name.

We'll be praying that your testimony goes well at church. I'm sad we'll miss it!
I love your blog, it makes me feel like I'm not so alone in what I'm going through. I'm praying for you!
You are in my thoughts... I will be praying that you get a bed soon! Keep your chin up if you need anything while your in there let me know. Even just to talk we know the joint gets boring at times!!
I've been praying for you. Watching for a post on of when you get a bed and start treatment.

Get better!
Lauren ended up going in to the ER yesterday morning (Sunday), and she got a bed pretty quickly. She's currently on IV chloramphenicol, which is new for her but actually a pretty old drug. It's got some rare but serious side effects, so they're paying really close attention as she takes it.
I would love to see your testimony when you write it up. Or maybe even a video of it. :)

My pastor asked me to write up my testimony too. I think I'm a little too scared to get up in front of the congregation and tell it though. We have 6 very full services at our church. He may just use part of the story in his message.
I'm hoping you're getting the wonderful care you deserve. Love to you. The Froggy Fam.
I hope you're well honey.
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