Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soon to be Released!

Well, it's been 2 weeks since I've been in the hospital. I haven't been able to post many updates this time unfortunately.

Things have actually gone really well, which is great! I came in with an FEV1 of 1.41 and now it's all the way up to 1.84L. Hooray! The doctor and the respiratory technicians were excited for me. It's been awhile since I've gotten that high. They're considering releasing me tomorrow or Tuesday.

My spirits have been good this time too. I've gotten almost all of my meds on time and I've been able to get relatively consistent sleep. Of course there were a few minor snags here and there, like when my blood sugar when all the way past 400 (eek!). I'm now on both the long acting insulin and the mealtime coverage stuff. I feel a lot better now, that's for sure.

Brad has been doing a good job of taking care of Sandy and Coral. He told me he won them over with a 5 pound bad of carrots. Ha! I can't wait to get home to give Brad a great big snuggle hug and start having a real life again. I feel like I'm finally at a sustainable point in my health.

Today I had a really nice breakfast. My whole family (Mom, Dad and sister) came early this morning with breakfast from Coco's, a table cloth, coffee, juice and even a centerpiece to make my hospital bedside table look nice. It was a pretty cool thing. I love that my family does stuff like that. Whenever I'm in the hospital they do whatever it takes to not just make it bearable, but to make it quite hospitable(pun intended) in here.

I've been doing a LOT of knitting while I've been here. So if you get a Christmas present from me that's home made, don't turn up your nose at it, I put a lot of hard work into it and long hours. :)

YAy! I am so glad to hear that your joint stay is coming to an end and that t has been a good stay all in all.

Love that your fam brought you a fancy breakfast! Family is the best I know without mine the joint would be unbearable!
I kind of feel silly after my 1st post, I could have answered my own ?'s if I had read more of your posts.. Again though thanks for your interesting blog. I find myself wanting to go to my file and see my fev1 values. etc. Here's wishing you a great day!
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