Monday, January 05, 2009

How This for Ironic?

Last night around 9:00 I took a trip to the ER. The ANIMAL emergency room. Go figure that I'm finally feeling great and now one of my rabbits is sick. Thankfully I have an open enough schedule that I can take the time to properly care for my little furry friend. Coral has an E. Cuniculi infection. It's a type of protozoan that commonly attacks rabbits. Coral spent last night in the ER, and tonight she's at the animal hospital where her vet is. Sandy is hanging in there without her partner in crime by her side.

I happen to be doing fine. I have more energy than I've had in ages. We're currently a one car family (grrrrrrrr...hit and run to the Prius) so this morning I brought Brad to work. After that I ran a bunch of errands and then spent the rest of the day straightening up my workroom. There's still a lot to be done in it, but it's already a much more usable space for my writing projects. Now all I have to do is get crackin' on them!

Tonight I'm going to try to get to bed a bit early so I have plenty of energy for tomorrow. Kelly and the girls are coming for a visit and I can't wait to see them and give them all hugs!

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