Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Getting my Baby Fix

Yesterday was such a fun day for me. My friend Kelly drove down with her twin girls, Ava and Julia. They have grown so much in a year! Their first birthday is only 20 days away and I can hardly believe it. Brad and I got to hold them when they were just a day old and I've been a huge fan of theirs ever since.

I was a little worried that my house wasn't "baby proofed" well enough. I kept thinking that somebody was going to fall down or bonk their head on something. I guess I'm just a nervous Auntie. Everything turned out fine. Babies are a lot more resilient than I assumed. No one got hurt but there were a few crocodile tears from Julia. It was hard not to laugh at her because she was being so dramatic, but I took my cue from Kelly and tried my best not to give her the satisfaction of paying attention to her little fit.

As far as toys for tots goes, I only have stuffed animals at this point. Kelly said not to worry, the girls would be plenty happy playing with Tupperware. I don't own any Tupperware, but I had a bunch of those Glad containers that we use for leftovers. Ava and Julia were more than contented to play with those. Ava and I also played a good solid round of "Peekaboo" under my kitchen table. She's just the right height to stand underneath it and not hit her head. I thought that was pretty funny. The more she laughed at me, the more I laughed at her. The day did my heart a load of good.

Health-wise I'm doing well. I'm sleeping better (finally!) and my chest feels nice and clear. My energy level is improving and I'm at a comfortable weight. Tonight I have an appointment at the clinic to be screened for a drug study. It's for inhaled Levaquin. I'm really excited about that, especially if I'm lucky enough to be in the group that gets the real med and not the placebo. Levaquin is often the first oral antibiotic we try when I'm starting to get sick. It would be great if this study turns out to be something that keeps me in tip-top shape for several months.

Oh, and by the way, my little Coral bunny is doing much better today. She's been chasing around after Sandy and her head tilt is far less severe. I'm convinced she's going to make a full recovery. That's tremendous considering her prognosis the other night was so devastating.

such beautiful pictures!
Oh, those babies are so beautiful! Their hair is so dark!

I hope you get the real thing with the drug story too.
Beautiful pics!

Baby fix, I think that's what I need again too!..

Big hug
The twins are so cute! I get way paranoid to when my niece comes over my worst fear for some reason is choking. When she eats her fruit snacks I make her eat them sitting down and one at a time. At her house shes running all over the place and eating like three at a time freaks me out!
Cute kids...

Glad your energy level is improving darlin.

I'd really like more info on the inhaled Levaquin study, it's the main drug I use orally when I come down with something. I'm getting a lil concerned because I think I'm building some tolerance. Gahhh!
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