Saturday, March 21, 2009

Slow Going

It's been 19 days now that I've been in the hospital. Things aren't progressing as easily or quickly as we'd like. Today I was back on oxygen for a bit. Also, the results of yesterday's PFTs was quite disappointing. I got the exact same volume I had on Tuesday--a mere 1.56 liters.

Today my CF doc finally came to see me. He's a bit baffled by this whole thing too. He's going to discontinue some of the IVs. We're slowing tapering the prednisone. No matter what we do though, I'm just not getting better fast enough for my taste.

This stay has been hard. It's really eating at us and making us feel quite drained. We covet your prayers for healing and peace of mind. All I really want to do at this point is go home. I've been on IVs constantly since February 9th and my body has decided it's done responding. I hate this. We hate this. We hate it a lot.

Thinking of you big time, and praying too. xoxo Elise
I'm thinking of you so much.
A really big hug
Thanks for the update.I pray for you often!Hope things turn around for you SOON!
Lauren, I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough go of it. Praying for you and Brad.
Sending prayers...
I will be praying for you Lauren.

I know I have said this before... but the EXACT same thing always happens to me. I hate it too. I'm very sorry that six weeks of your life was "on hold" for so little progress. I hope now that you are home you will start to feel better, I usually do, at least mentally. Take care, and God bless you.
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