Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prayers Please

On Thursday afternoon. I could hardly cross the room without requiring oxygen, so I ended up in the emergency room YET AGAIN. Here's the good news: I get to do the IVs at home and not in the hospital. The bad news? It's a really rough schedule of meds. Brad is being so great about it even though I know he and I are going to end up a bit sleep deprived from this whole mess.

I've pretty much not left the bed or the couch since Thursday evening when we came home. Brad's insisting that I not lift a finger and save my energy. He's an incredible support. I know this must eat at him too. In fact, he was visibly upset on the drive to the ER. I just wanted to hug him and say "it's okay" but the truth is, in those moments it's not okay. It's scary as heck not being able to breathe. Even scarier when it hurts to breath and move at the same time.

I better go get some rest.

I hate CF...praying for you, Lauren.
Girl, what on earth is going on w/ you?? This is AWFUL news. I mean, I'm glad you can do the IV's at home but it breaks my heart that you aren't getting any better. Oh, how that wears you down! I'm glad that you have such a supportive husband.
Brad is SO GREAT!!!!!! You have my prayers I hope this round of Iv's does the trick this time! Get As much rest as you can!
Prayers still coming your way!
Keep up the spirits.
Really big hug to you
You're in my thoughts sweetie
I'm sorry you're having such a ROUGH time of it!!Glad you can be home and glad you have Brad.I will continue to pray for your health to improve.
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