Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lauren's Home (a report from Brad)

They let Lauren come home today! The doctors have been treating her
for so long (nearly six weeks of constant IV therapy), and they're
frustrated as well, so they've just decided to let her come home and
rest with no more IVs. If she's still doing poorly after a few weeks
at home they might admit her again, but at least she's out of the
hospital for a bit.

She also did her home lung-function tester (less accurate than the big
hospital equipment, of course, but still useful) after she got home,
and it appears that she's gotten better since the last hospital test
on Friday. So, as confusing as this disease is, it looks like she's on
the way back up. Today's measurement shows her about halfway between
Friday's results and where we'd like her to be.

Thanks for all your prayers!

With thanks to God and hope for His continued mercy,


I am so glad to hear she is back home. I cannot imagine what the two of you have been through!! I hope her lung function continues to strengthen and stays away from the hospital!!
I am glad you are back home! Keep on keeping on, you will get back where you want to be.
I am sure being home will do you some good. Get some rest I am sure you need it after the time you have had.

Take care
I'm glad you could come home Lauren!Those bunnies need you!Take care and get lots of rest...
I was just thinking about calling the house to check on Lauren's condition, but decided to check here first.

I'm glad she is back home and hope that she gets some rest and improves. I won't call, afterall, because I don't want to disturb her rest. I'll keep watching this site instead!

Praying for you, Lauren!
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