Monday, April 06, 2009

Not a Bad Day

Today went fairly well. I had more energy than I've had in awhile. Good energy too, not the nervous, restless prednisone weirdness. More than the energy, I had a HUGE appetite. I think I ate too much today, but my blood sugars all stayed pretty normal. All that is except the one test I took after eating a bag full of yogurt covered pretzels. (mmmmmm!)

Brad surprised me with a lunchtime visit. I was taking a nap when I was awakened by a nice smooch and someone saying "hey cutie pie!" It was so nice to see him. He said he just decided he wanted to take his lunch break here at the hospital with me. Anyone who willingly eats in the hospital cafeteria on their lunch break is a hero in my book. Of course, I already knew that about Brad.

Later this after noon my MIL and SIL came by to visit. We played some card games. I lost the first game by quite a lot, but the second one (Quiddler--a word game) I won by only a few points. Brad's mom and I enjoy being competitive with word games. I'm not so great at totalling up my score but that's okay. The big breakthrough in the gaming department for me today is thata I FINALLY can shuffle the cards! Don't least not too hard.

Well, it's about 10pm and I'm still waiting for my nighttime meds to kick into gear for me. Tomorrow is PFT day and I'm praying and hoping that I'll have made enough improvement to go home. I'm hoping for at least 1.6L on my FEV1 which, if I feel anything like I did today, it not an unreasonable goal.

Glad you're feeling a little better. Praying tomorrow brings magnificent PFT's. Froggylove to you.
I'm praying your PFT's go well today!
So glad to hear some good news...praying for you today!!
wonderful news Lauren Iw ill be praying that your day turns out for the best.
Im glad your starting to feel better!! You are in my prayers!
Yay!! I am glad you are feeling better! I hope you get to bust out of there soon!!
So this is 2 days old... I hope you are at home sleeping.
I'm glad you're doing better. As for shuffling cards, I never could, and now with a bit of arthritis, I surely can't. I could never snap my fingers either...not a good thing for a teacher.
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