Sunday, April 05, 2009

Going Stir Crazy

I think I'm at the point where the prednisone is really making me stir crazy! I'm "wired and tired" as my cf pal Katrina would say. I feel like resting, but I can't really sit still when I do. It's annoying.

Mom and Dad came for a nice visit today. We went for a fairly decent walk and sat downstairs in the lobby for awhile. I had a chance to stretch out on one of the couches down there. Too bad that still wasn't enough to help me unwind and relax. I guess the restlessness might be a good sign--a sign that I might be getting back up to par. We'll know for sure when I have my PFTs again on Tuesday.

Brad came this afternoon and stayed for a few hours. It was hard to say goodbye to him because I really really wanted to be able to go home with him.

Tomorrow I'll be back on Dr. Clay's service (doctors rotate every 2 weeks around here, it can be hard to keep up). Dr. Clay is the nice one who actually gave a s*it that I was starting to climb the walls and needed to be let out of here for my own sanity. I really hope that he'll be compassionate again and let me go home with IVs. I just gotta hang in there a few more days I hope. I hope, I hope, I hope.

Thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers. I definitely need them and appreciate them. I want to GO HOME!

I'll keep you in prayer, I definitely know that 'weird and crazy prednisone feeling'- it's one of a kind, and yes, yuck!

Praying you can get some sanity and rest!!
I'm glad you had visits with your parents and with Brad to break up your day some.

Maybe Dr. Clay with let you go home this week.

Get better! I'm praying for you!
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