Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Observation of the Day

Today I was back at the hospital for yet another round of pulmonary function tests. It has been exactly a week since I last had these done. At that time the trees were covered in white buds and my lungs were expelling green buds. Now, a week later, the trees are covered in green buds and my lungs are expelling white ones. Interesting, no?

My PFTs were not quite as stellar as last week, but they weren't lousy. My FEV1 had dropped from 2.13L to 1.97L. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but I'm not sure what the doc will decide about continuing the IVs or not. I think the course of IVs has been fine, it's these other meds that are driving me a little crazy. I took my medication for insomnia about 3 hours ago. I tried to go to bed and sleep didn't come. I seem to be having a mild "manic" episode too right now. I've had that "superwoman" feeling all day and my brain just wouldn't shut up about all these cool ideas that I doubt will ever actually come to fruition.

In my mind, I was going to be a dynamo. In reality...well, I managed to get dinner on the table for us. I've been talking Brad's ear off for about 2 days straight now. Or at least I've been trying to. I've been having this weird thing where in the middle of a sentence a piece of my vocabulary apparently falls through some trap door in my brain that I don't remember installing. Common words elude me sometimes, or I'll come up with a related word, but not the correct one. Like tonight at dinner I meant to say "aviator" but the closest I could get was "airplane."

Maybe I should try "fixing" the DVD player with a fork again and see if that doesn't help reset my brain. (Just kidding, Brad...I'll use a paperclip this time :-P )

Don't worry about your FEV1 - mine is 0.6L! Hope you feel better soon.
Love Ruth
Forced Expiratory Volume is overrated anyway... I don't even know what mine is.
Oh, and please don't put a fork in the DVD player. A butter knife works so much better.
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