Sunday, January 21, 2007

Showing Off A Little

I have been invited to speak at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundations' Spring Gala. It's a very elegant black tie event. The theme is "Reach for the Stars." Not only will I be talking about my own experience with CF, the goals I have set for myself and the means by which I've achieved them, but I'll also be playing my horn! That's the part that really excited me. I haven't played my horn in quite awhile. I've been practicing like crazy to get my chops back up. The last time I played anything was Christmas of '05, and even then it wasn't a solo piece--just a little accompaniment to a male chorus singing "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming."

Like I said, the event is black tie, which means pretty dresses! My mom brought over a variety of styles for me to try on, and Brad helped me pick the winner. The one we both liked initially on the hanger paled in comparison to the one I'm wearing in the picture. I can't WAIT to wear it for the Gala. When I tried it on I immediately felt like I was at the Oscar's or something. I strutted around the house like I was walking the red carpet! Even though the dress is sleeveless, I have a feeling it will be nice and warm since it's long.

Now all I gotta do is keep working out with those little weights so that I can put some more muscle meat on those scrawny arms of mine! Maybe I'm vain, but wearing this dress actually made me feel attractive--even with my fuzzed up hair! The last dress I liked this much was my wedding dress. Which, by the way was REALLY REALLY pretty.

Of course, even the most darling dress in my closet is utterly plain unless I'm wearing it while standing beside my attractive husband. We're one of those couples who just looks like we belong together. We've even had strangers say so.

****Updated just for Ruth! As you requested, here's a picture from our wedding!****

Congratulations on your speaking engagement. If you speak as you write, it will be wonderful.
Hope it goes really well. You look so pretty!

P.S. Are there any pictures of you in your wedding dress? I'd love to see one!
You look Mahvelous, Dahling!
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