Monday, January 08, 2007

I Feel Like a Woman

I feel like I'm turning into more of a woman...It's an exhilarating time.

--Claire Danes

I like doing "girly" things. I especially like fulfilling a traditional role in the home as my husband's wife. I don't know exactly why that is, other than it gives me a lot of joy to know that I am meeting my husbands needs and loving him as he wants to be loved. He doesn't "expect" me to do things around the house, especially since I'm still not quite feeling perfect. The fact that doing little "woman's work" type things are not requirements around here makes me all the more willing to do them anyway. It's amazing the sense of reward and accomplishment I get from something as simple as ironing a few shirts or balling up some socks.

Yesterday was a great day. For the first time in months, Brad and I went to church together. Even though we had only visited that particular church a few times since we moved to the area, are overwhelmed by how quickly we were able to make some connections with people there. One young couple in particular made us feel so welcomed! While I was in the hospital they were a great source of encouragement to us.

At first we were hesitant about letting people in the new congregation know that I had CF. My usual policy is that I prefer people get to know "Lauren" and not "that gal with CF." God has worked a lot in my heart to help me overcome the adolescent fears about what people might think of me. My husband has been really great at keeping me from getting so uptight about such things. Although I'm sure that being an adult has a lot to do with how I incorporate CF into my social arena, I know that it's more than just maturity. It's about feeling safe and having a secure identity. My identity as a follower of God is strong, as is my identity as Brad's wife.

Life is good, even when my health isn't. Knowing that I have an incredibly supportive spouse, encouraging friends, and a God who provides for me-- each makes life worth living.

You have learned so much for someone so young.
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