Sunday, December 24, 2006

CF T-shirt Design Contest Ends Jan 4th! Better Hurry!

Raise your hand if you like free stuff. Okay, I see a lot of hands there. Here's how you can you can flex your creative muscles and do something positive for the CF Foundation's Annual "Great Strides" walk. Oh, and you can win a free t-shirt too.

It's easy, painless. Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The deadline is January 4th, so put on those thinking caps and get moving! Even if you don't enter the design contest, please consider making a year-end donation to the CF Foundation.

This contest is part of an ongoing effort by my friend Allie, a CF widow, and her late husband's mother, to generate awareness and raise funds for the CFF's annual Great Strides event. Below are the details for getting involved. All purple text is directly from Allie.

I finally broke back into my cafepress account, after having some trouble, and uploaded brand new designs! I you want to see them, they are in morbid humor, loved ones, and Cf shirts. If you've never seen the store, or can't remember the address, go to

We've raised 310 dollars so far for the CF walk in May, and thank you guys so much for supporting me and the store!

In another effort to give back to those who support us, Hannah and I are having a design contest for December. Send in your fully formed design to, for a chance to win. Entry deadline is Jan 4th, and the winner will have thier design featured in our store, with a note saying it is your design, as well as a free t shirt with your design on it! Entries will be judged by January 15th.

Rules :
* No copyright infringement

* Sent in a windows bitmap format, preferably.

* must be a ready to roll design, not a design idea.

* We reserve the right to distribute your design through our store.

* you may enter as many or as few designs as you want.

* We are the sole judges of the winner.

So please, send in your entry! We'd love to see what idea YOU have.

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