Friday, January 26, 2007

Read What I Write, Help Support CF Research

Things are fairly uneventful over here. I'm still not doing much of anything besides writing.

Speaking of which, if you have the time, please visit these articles that I have written. Every linked article that gets viewed by my adoring public helps put a bright shiny penny in my piggy bank. But that's not all! I will donate a portion of the earnings from my highest ranked articles to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Get clicking and get reading! (I welcome your comments too, by the way)

Preventing Indigestion

Are Dandelions Safe To Eat?

Bananas and Their Many Benefits

What is Fermentation?

Keeping Your Brain Fit

Treating Cyanide Poisoning

Why Gums Bleed After Teeth Cleaning

Distracting Yourself From a Job You Hate

Finding Your BMI

How to Control Asthma

Why Some People Gain Weight and Others Stay Thin

The Qualities of Watermelon

Maximizing Antioxidants in the Diet

Causes of Migraines

Treating Diarrhea in Children

The Key to a Good Haircut

Tips for Reducing Trans-Fats Consumption

Lactose Intolerance

About Geothermic Energy

How Much Water to Drink in a Day

Why is the Sky Blue?

What Is Rust?

When You Believe in God But Not Church

Sin and God's Laws

Appreciating that Marriage is Forever

Jealousy: Love or Insecurity?

Pets and Allergies

How To Suppress Bad Thoughts

Poetry: A Wedding Song

Spiritual Burnout

View my COMPLETE list of articles here (150 total)

This article was sent to me by a friend from church. I am remotely accessing my account, so I don't have access to my e-mail address book right now. I thought you would be interested.
Love and Light,
Hello, Lauren,
I have been thinking about you and hope you're feeling o.k.
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