Wednesday, February 07, 2007

10 Ways to Tell if You Have CF

1. Your home is in the path of a natural disaster and instead of packing the family Bible, your wedding album or your keepsakes, you pack a lunch.

2. You have more pills in your coin-purse than coins

3. Your bra size is a 38AAA

4. You eat more than the rest of your combined family members

5. Your call your doctor more than you call your best friend. In fact, he's on speed-dial.

6. You refer to phlegm wads as "lung oysters"

7. You've mastered the art of showering with a portion of your torso encased in plastic wrap

8. A bathroom scene in a gross-out movie does not even come CLOSE to what you can "doo"

9. You've spent your 401k on hospital bills and medications and you're not even 30

10. A "tune up" happens to you more often than it does your car

From reading posts at the forum, these sound like ten true things. I hope you're soon up and running.
I laughed out loud at this. It is so true, especially the doctor thing. He and I are e-mailing all the time. And when I go in, the register people are always surprised that all the nurses and doctors already know me... pretty pathetic.
Hey, I hope all is ok. I haven't heard from ya since you went in the hospital. Check the message board and let us all know when you can.
Loved this post! Especially the bra size . . . I'm nearly 40, also living with CF. I've never seen anyone comment on this - and it made me laugh. I, too, am a 38A - gotta love the barrel chest. : )Makes for some interesting shopping. I found you through another blogger . . .
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