Friday, June 27, 2008

Hard to Get Motivated

I haven't posted for awhile because, frankly, I haven't had much motivation. It's hard for me to tap into my usual source of creativity. Writing just doesn't come easily these days like it used to.

On the health front I could be better. I talked to the doctor today and asked when they needed to see me again. I asked if there were any spots in next week's clinic and they said they were overbooked and were having to cancel people. Yikes! Good thing my health is at least stable (though certainly not stellar) so it's not an immediate concern to get in to see the doctor.

Over the last couple weeks my chest has felt quite "full." It felt almost like I have pneumonia again. Fortunately, by doubling up on pulmozyme and taking guafaneisin (expectorant) I've been able to clear a lot of gunk out. The biggest problem I'm having is my appetite. Usually I can eat like a horse. These days I'm eating more like Gimli. I asked the doctor to call in a prescription of Megase, which is an appetite stimulant. I hope that works.

You just don't sound like your normal self. I hope things turn around for you soon and your writing skills kick back in and you are feeling more motivated. Also that your appetite returns!

Sounds like you are spending a bit of time at SL and enjoying that environment.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

When I'm ever down, I watch the old Doris Day and Rock Hudson flick, "Pillow Talk." It's cheesy and silly and the perfect cure for bluesy days.
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