Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Weekend Plans

I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday night that didn't go very well. I've had a bit of a cough and was running a fever about a week ago, so I figured I needed to check in with the doctor. My PFTs showed that I lost slightly more than .5L, which put me quite a bit below my baseline.

In other words, I'm being admitted to the hospital.

The doctor things that maybe I picked up a simple bug and since we're catching it early I won't have to be in for very long. Of course, I'm not going to hold him to that prediction. There's always a catch or some unforeseen issue when it comes to a hospitalization.

I'll try to keep everyone updated, but I don't know how good of an Internet connection I'll have, if I even have one at all.

Well that's not good. I hope you feel better quickly. Too bad you have to go in right before the holiday weekend. I was in at this very time last year. I know what you mean about hospital stays. Seems they will always say "you can go home on x day" then that day comes and they say "we'd like you to stay a few more days." In your situation are just doing iv's as and outpatient a possibility? i have done that before, and that is a really nice way to do it if you;'re not overly sick.

Matt Todd
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