Friday, May 02, 2008

Update on Life

This week has been BUSY. Almost a little too busy, but thankfully today I'll have a chance for a serious nap.

At work I finally got my new furniture, and it's so functional. I love how much workspace I have now on my desk. It's a wall unit, and it has two desk lamps attached to it, which is GREAT. My office has motion sensing lights, so sometimes if I'm too engrossed in a project and don't move for 10 minutes or so, the lights go off! Now I won't have to worry about that happening.

My current project is a challenge. It's the first one I've ever had to write on my own from start to finish. You'd think that for me as a writer that wouldn't be a big deal. Well, let me just say that creative writing is a far cry from technical writing. There's not a whole lot of room for creative word-smithing when you're trying to explain the regulations regarding portable diesel engines with greater than 50 brake horsepower. (You don't have to pretend to know what I'm talking about.) The material is dry as toast. I'm learning a lot though.

CF Fundraising is getting very interesting! I decided that I'm going to involve my co-workers. Our department has recently formed something of a workplace community of sorts. The purpose is to engage us together as a group so that we get to know each other better. I figured since congress just passed the GINA (Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act) I don't have to worry about "outting" myself. Several of my coworkers already know I have CF, so I'm not worried about it. I'm hoping that I can do a lot to promote Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month.

Speaking of raising funds, my latest total is $6,990! I threw another batch of letters in the mail on Tuesday, so we shall see what that brings. I keep raising the bar on my goal. I'm aiming for $9000 now. I'm pretty confident that I'll hit it. To those of you who regularly read my blog and have donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation THANK YOU!!

I'm so thankful for all the generous donors who are helping make a tremendous, positive difference for CF patients like myself.

Tomorrow I'm going with my sister to help her try on wedding dresses. Weeeeee! I just know I'm going to cry at some point. It's exciting to think about her getting married. I'm so glad she picked a nice cool month (January) for her wedding date. Brad and I got married in July and boy oh boy were we roasting. It was NOT a day for pantyhose, that's for sure.

On the health front my FEV1 is back up thanks to the antibiotics and an extra treatment of HS each day. I don't have to go back to the CF Clinic for another month, so I've still got time to improve even more.

Lauren, feel free to use my CF info! I am honored!
Yay Congrats on the improving FEV1!!

I was connected to your blog from Jakes Blog...

Your story is inspiring and your blogs are very informative!
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