Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why I get to Re-Clean the Bathroom (and parts of the carpet)

Today was cleaning lady day. I came home and the place looked great. I figured with everything in order I'd take a nice nap on the couch. It gets nice and dark in the loft, so it's easy to take a midday nap up there. I didn't sleep much last night so I was looking forward to some moment of silent repose. My eyes were closed for all of two minutes when I heard THUMP!

Thump? Must have been the squeegee falling down in the shower. No big deal. I closed my eyes and settled back toward the head-dent in the pillow. THUMP!

Alright, that does it. What's that noise? I heard a little tinkling of a bell and yet another THUMP! emanated from Gimli's cage. He had food, water a clean blankie and fresh litter so I couldn't imagine what the problem might be. By the time I heard the 5th THUMP! I decided his feet must be hurting him. Time to trim those nails.

I don't mind cutting his nails. I've done it on several occasions before and never hit the quick and made him bleed.

Today that became past tense. Oh boy did I do him a whopper. Lest you think it was a provoked assault because he thumped while I was taking a nap, let me remind you how much I love this dumb bunny.

I hit it on the 4th nail. I never saw blood stream out quite that fast before (unless of course it was my own blood being drawn back from my portacath, but that's a different matter entirely.) Bright red and mildly disgusting, rabbit blood pooled into the bathroom sink. I reached for the styptic powder but Gimli managed to kick that off the counter and spill it as he tried to scramble away. And scramble he did.

He ran 3 bloody-footed laps around the bathroom before he nudged open the door and made a break for it.

"DON'T BLEED ON MY CARPET!" I yelled, upsetting him even further. I was plenty upset myself by this time.

You know those Family Circus cartoons where they have the dotted line showing the paths of all the kids? That's what the loft looked like. Only instead of dotted lines there were little pink paw prints criss-crossing what must have seemed like a very large room to a small frightened rabbit.

Gimli's back in his cage nursing his wounds and I get the lovely task of cleaning up the crime scene before my husband gets home. Only 13 more days until the cleaning lady comes again. I should have it back in shape by then.

Poor bunny. I know how hard cutting pet's nails can be though. Our one down is pretty good when we cut her nails. but the other one is a different story. he squirms all over the place and makes it very difficult. We have gotten to the point where we just take him to a groomer and pay the $10 to have them do it. Then we don't get it too short. We did that once and he sure let out a yelp, but luckily he didn't bleed.
Poor lil bunny!!! and poor clean carpet!!

The joys of being a pet owner......
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