Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Back at Home!

My FEV1 on Tuesday was pretty stellar, so the doctors decided that I was ready to come home. So far it's going well with the home IVs. I'm only on 2 of them, which is familiar. Brad's the one who's not feeling so great. He's got a stuffy nose, so we're keeping our distance from each other.

I'm glad to be home. It's always a challenge to get back into a normal routine after being in the hospital. The side effects from the meds are a little bothersome as well. I'm on colymycin, so my mouth, tongue, and fingertips are quite numb. I'm glad I'll be off work for a little while, because I'm having a hard time walking in a straight line. That's another side effect of the meds. Yuck.

Thanks everyone for the prayers and well wishes while I was in the hospital. I really appreciate your support.

Great! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Thanks for the update!
Glad to hear you're home. Wow, those are some interesting side effects. I've never experienced that with coli. Though Tobra has caused me some hearing loss. I guess that's the price we pay for clearing up lung infections.
Glad your out of the joint!!

How are the home Ivs going?
Hey Lauren,

I have talked to you on the cf message chat board. I noticed you said that the side effect of one of your meds is that you can't walk in a straight line... what drug is that? I have always had that problem and just wondered if i am on that drug too. Thanks. you can email me.

Take care,
Hey Lauren,
I'm new to the online CF community but I've enjoyed reading your blogs and some of the others I've seen. My girlfriend found it, and the video clip that you and your husband made. It really IS true that the specific struggles I face are not unique to me. About this blog in particular, I'm also interested in the drug that causes you to not be able to walk straight. I often will take a side-step, or, less frequently, just randomly lose balance. I'm probably just clumsy, but which drug is that? You can respond here or email me at Thanks!
So what is "stellar" for you? My baseline (out of the hostpital) FEV1 is 1.09, abt 31% of pred.
I'm glad your out, I'm doing good and I am planning on an update to the blog soon, so keep your eyes out. :D
Glad to see that Somer Love is here, she's an old friend from way back.
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