Friday, May 23, 2008

Still In the Dugout (and ranting about it)

There's still no bed for me at the hospital, so I'm still waiting here at home.

I'm beyond frustrated about this. This has ALWAYS been the way it takes for me to get admitted and I simply don't understand it. I know for a fact that if I were to walk up to the 3rd floor of that hospital right now I would count a minimum of 6 empty beds.

I'm very curious to know if this is standard operating procedure for the hospital in general, or if it's just the CF patients that get sidelined like this. What ever happened to "first do no harm?" When a doctor says I need to be hospitalized, I was under the impression that those were his ORDERS...not a mere recommendation.

Then they tell me "well, you can always go to the ER and wait there for a bed." Sure I'll do that. I'd love to sit in a crowded ER with little kids with the flu, adults who have fallen off ladders, and nurses who wouldn't know how to spell the initials of CF if I told them it started with a C.

Yes I'm whining. Yes I'm crabby about it. This sort of baloney makes it tempting to want to slam my arm in the car door just so I'll have a more "significant' medical issue. When I finally do come to the point in my life where I'm nearing the end, you can bet I won't even bother with the hospital. I refuse to wait around as though I'm anticipating a pizza delivery. That's another reason why I don't ever want a transplant. Waiting for a human being to decide whether I can be given a part of what God has created (i.e., life) is not something I can do; so I won't.

Is my life somehow worth less because I have CF? Does the hospital figure that I've got a fatal disease so medical intervention is just prolonging the inevitable? If so, that's righteously messed up.

Oh, Lauren! Here I thought you were all tucked in at your hospital and you're at home still waiting for the "free bed". That's awful. Frustrating! I'll wait a little because of the time difference and then give you a call in case you're still home.

So sorry you're going through this!
That's rather appalling that you're waiting that long. I don't think I've ever had to wait more than 3 or 4 hours for a bed. This seems rather amazing to me, especially, at least from the impression i got from your earlier posts, this is a planned admission. You'd think they'd have something ready for you if they know you're coming.
Unbelievable... So when I was just in the regular floor I go to was "Full" so I was sent to a different area, where they have the cardiac people. I am going to ask to go there next time, they were so nice and I didn't have to worry about what the person next to me had.
Sorry you are waiting. Hopefully by now you have something.
I'm sorry you are having to wait... However, I know the reality of being admitted can "suck" equally, so I am just praying that you will be admitted in God's time. Who knows? Maybe you are avoiding some sort of complete idiocy by staying home for a little while longer. When you feel better, please tell me about your stance on not wanting a transplant. I'm interested.
Love and Light,
P.S. Tell me my words back the next time I am frustrated with some aspect of the hospital... "God protects us by having us wait... Blah, blah, blah" :-)
Hi all,

This is Lauren's husband. I just wanted to let you guys know that she finally got a bed on Saturday afternoon.

Matt: Actually, it wasn't planned. she was declining for a couple of weeks, so we made an emergency clinic appointment where the decision was to send her in.

Jack: She already goes to a different wing than the other CFers because of her cepacia. Our hospital only has four inpatient wings, and since two are already taken up by "intermediate care" and "regular CF" there unfortunately aren't a whole lot of options... she always ends up in the post-op wing.

Anyway, she's in now, and she's working with a really great nurse.
Richard always has to wait for a bed to come available. I know how frustrating this can be. HE is looking at possibly being admitted tomorrow. Depends on what his PFT's show. But I am almost certain that they won't be very good considering. Here's hoping you get a bed soon.
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