Saturday, January 05, 2008

A Wonderful, Spontaneous Evening

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

--Lao Tzu

Yesterday the weather was deliciously gloomy and damp, so I donned my new rabbit pajamas and slipper socks and settled into the couch with a nice cup of hot cocoa. This was about 4pm. Around 5 Brad called to say he was leaving work, and asked if he wanted me to have him pick up dinner on the way home. I declined and he said "better yet, do you want to drive up here and meet me at Peking Palace?" I hesitated and confessed that I was wearing snuggly pajamas. I was a bit loathe to have to put on real clothes again. However, after a split-second change of attitude, I told him I'd be willing to change and meet him up there.

Thrusting my newly warmed legs into my now-cold jeans, I let the recognition of what a great husband I have wash over me. Pulling my thickest t-shirt over my head, I smiled at the mirror. We missed our New Year's Eve date, so this was a chance for a do-over. I brushed and spritzed my hair, swiped the lip gloss across my lips, and squeezed my still-slippered feet into a pair of shoes.

The freeway traffic was wonderfully light, and I made it to the restaurant in record time. As I waited for Brad, my heart danced a bit as I thought about how fun it is to date my husband. When he came around the corner wearing the sweater I got him for Christmas, I couldn't help but grin :) Boy of boy, does he look good in that sweater!

The waitress seated us in "our" booth against the far wall. We ordered our "usual" entrees and made light chitchat with the owner, Michelle when she came by. Lemon chicken for me, and kung pao for Brad. 2 orders of egg rolls, and crispy noodles to dip in the sauce. Wonderful and tasty. Just like every time we've been there. We've shared a lot of great conversations in that booth.

Before the meal was over I figured I'd return Brad's generosity and thoughtfulness by suggesting we go to a movie. I've been saying for weeks now that we'd go, and it was time to make good on that. The theater we drove to was in the neighborhood we lived in before we bought our house. It was by far the nicest area we had ever lived in, and in some ways I do miss it a little. While Brad parked the car, I purchased tickets for National Treasure. The movie was great and Brad and I were so glad to have enjoyed a night out.

And yes, I put those bunny pajamas right back on as soon as we got home.

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