Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the Upswing!

Yesterday I skipped work in order to get caught up on some of the sleep I missed while in the hospital. Now my sleep schedule is a bit out of whack, but with another long weekend coming up, I'm not overly concerned.

Since we ended up having hamburgers and fries for Christmas dinner, I decided that last night I'd make up for it. Brad wasn't expecting me to do that, which made it even more special I went to the grocery store and bought a Jennie-O turkey, some stuffing mix, baby carrots, and cranberry-apple cider. I donned my new frilly apron that Brad gave me (it's SO cute, I love it!) and did my best to be little Susie Homemaker.

While the turkey was in the oven, I ran upstairs to change out of the track suit I had been wearing all day. I put on my favorite black top, my "good" jeans, and a pair of cute flats. A quick application of some makeup, and I was ready for the final touch...earrings. Brad has a thing for earrings, so I knew he'd like to see me wearing the new pair he gave me yesterday. (I tell you, the man spoils me in the sweetest ways!)

Brad came home earlier than I expected, but that was okay. It gave me a chance to give him the last Christmas present I had for him. I admit, I purchased it just this morning, but so what. By the time he had peeled the plastic sheath off Frasier, Season 10, dinner was ready.

I didn't use the good china, but it didn't matter. We were so happy and blessed to be sharing a home-cooked meal together. Our dinner for two was as perfect as it needed to be. Everything was flavored just right. We both pretty much just sat there smiling at each other from across the table like we did almost 7 years ago on our first date.

I don't know what I did to deserve such a great guy in my life. I treasure and cherish every moment we have together. Our little routines and lifestyle are exactly what we both need, and we're thankful that we get to share it. I'm so glad that I have a husband who is flexible and understanding about the CF stuff. I know without a doubt that he's got my back every time, and that he'll never leave me stranded.

Here's to a healthy and happy New Year!

I'm so happy for you. My husband and I met seven years ago too!
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