Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How I Spent Christmas

Getting out of the hospital is a lot like resigning from a book club. You're not out of it until the computer says you're out of it.

--Erma Bombeck

What a crazy couple of days it's been. On Sunday I ended up in the ER because of a pain in my side. A mere 9 hours later, after ultrasounds, CT scans and abdominal x-rays, bloodwork, they diagnosed that I was severely dehydrated. My creatinine was 1.5 (.8 is considered high). They also found that I had a bladder infection, and an ovarian cyst.


They started me on Zosyn and told me to be NPO for a couple days. AUGGHHHHHHHH!

The hospital stay itself was lousy. I didn't get any nebs while I was there. All my nurses were wearing perfume, and they didn't want to access my port to give me fluids because "they weren't sure how clean it was." So they stuck me with a periph. which blew after a couple hours. Big surprise. How the heck is one supposed to be rehydrated if you can't get fluid into them? I asked for water, which I assumed would be good for rehydration, but they refused because I was NPO. My bipolar meds that help me sleep were ordered for 9 am.

I was praying like crazy that I'd get to go home soon.

Yesterday morning (Christmas) they came in and said I was going to be released! Amazingly enough, they were true to their word and I was back at home before noon. My in-laws were planning to come visit me in the hospital, so we changed to have them come visit at the house. I took a quick shower, made some apple cobbler, and wrapped the last of the gifts.

Things are doing better now, though I suspect I'm still a bit dehydrated. I went to the grocery store today and stocked up on water and Powerade to help with electrolyte balance. Brad got me the cutest apron as a Christmas gift, so I christened it by making our traditional Christmas meal for dinner tonight. Mmmmm. I'm glad this whole event didn't turn out to be a big scary deal. I'm praying that this will be just a minor hiccup on my record and that I can cruise into 2008 and enjoy many more months of good lung health.

Merry Christmas. I can't believe the energy you have! - making a cobbler after all of that!
Okay...that made me laugh "came home took a quick shower, made an apple cobbler and finished wrapping the gifts". All after JUST coming home from the hospital. Only you Lauren, only you!
Let it never be said that I couldn't find ways to make each moment count for something! The cobbler was mighty tasty, by the way...easy recipe too. I'll have to bring you some.
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