Monday, December 17, 2007

Be Careful with Those Christmas Lights!

If you're the type who uses twinkle lights, or any other sort of strand lighting to decorate your home for the holidays, please be careful! This time of year, injuries and death from electrocution tend to spike. An ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound (or more!) or cure. In addition to prevention, educating yourself about how to respond in the event of an electrical emergency is quite valuable. Below is a link to an article outlining the proper response and first aid to someone who has experienced an electrical burn.

First Aid for Electrical Shock and Electrical Burns

Ok, Lauren. I couldn't dismiss this post without taking action.

I read the post and then thought...I have two three year olds this year and a Christmas tree that we plug in/out of the socket every single day. The twins are curious and I couldn't live with myself if they got curious enough to plug in the tree on their own. Our current method of covering plugs is to use those plastic plug covers, which they have mastered. But I don't normally have an electrical cord hanging around on the ground near a plug, like I do right now with the Christmas tree.

Anyway, you got me thinking last night, so this morning I went and bought one of those baby proofed outlet covers that you have to twist and insert the plug, much too tricky for any 3 year old...I hope! Anyway, thanks for the reminder.
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