Friday, October 26, 2007

Air Quality Relief Effort (HEPA's for CFers)

According to the Air Pollution Control District, the current air quality is moderate to hazardous. The concentration of particulates in the air, specifically the small ones called PM 2.5s, is more than triple the National threshold level.

These particles are the ones that penetrate deepest into the lungs, causing inflammation. Naturally, this poses a huge threat for people with CF who already have compromised lung function.

It will be weeks before all this gunk is out of the air, and Santa Ana conditions are not making it any easier. I've spoken to some CFers in Southern California who do not have air conditioning, let alone a free-standing HEPA filter in their homes.

I'm asking the members of the blogosphere and anyone else who has been wondering what to do to help San Diego Fire victims. Please consider helping me raise some money to purchase HEPA filters for those in need.

Your generous gift will bring much needed relief to those who are struggling for breath in the wake of this firestorm.

Please click the DONATE button below. When you get to the Secure PayPal site, enter any dollar amount of your choosing in the "quantity" box. The enter my email address


Hi there! I'm another CFer living in San Diego, and I just wanted to tell you that I think it's so great that you have taken the initiative to raise money for HEPA's! Our area of San Diego isn't too smokey, but I've been volunteering in Rancho Bernardo and the air quality there is so terrible. I'm sure a HEPA will make a HUGE difference for someone up here! Way to go! :)
Lauren, thank you for raising money for Hepas. What a wonderful idea! We just got back in town and are going to buy a filter tomorrow. The air quality in LA has improved, but isn't great. I just put the word out to other parents and will buy a used filter for $50.00. Otherwise, for a lot of us, it's just unaffordable. You're such a giving person.
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