Monday, March 20, 2006

Springing Back into Action

"Fear God and work hard."

--David Livingstone

Today was the big day. After being at home for almost 3 weeks, resting and recuperating from my recent pulmonary exacerbation, I returned to work! Whenever I return to work after a vacation or absence, I feel like I'm starting my first day of school. (Incidentally, my friend, Gerrit, one astutely observed that the first day of school was my favorite of the entire year.) It seemed almost fitting in a way that my grand return would happen to coincide with the first day of Spring.

It was a good day. I woke up on time and was able to have breakfast with my husband before he left. I made the bed, straightened up the apartment a little bit, and then had time for a good hot shower. At church on Sunday someone commented that I was "two shades from ghost", so I made sure I applied enough makeup and lipstick to look like I hadn't been living in my pajamas for a fortnight.

Most of my responsibilities today didn't involve a whole lot of energy, so it was a good way to ease back into things. Mostly I just sat at my desk and reviewed documents. Actually, before I could do that I had to spend some time re-mapping all of my shortcuts to locations on one of our servers. Apparently they changed things around while I was out and didn't bother to let me know. Luckily for me, my husband's computer interests have begun to rub off on me somewhat, so I was able to figure out what to do without calling the help desk.

I was a bit surprised at how tired I got so early in the day, but my lunch was able to revive me. I'll have to remember to bring along more snacky things in the future. I guess I had taken for granted how easily I could just mosey on into the kitchen and grab a snack from the fridge while at home. Time to restock my pretzel file at work it seems.

I'm looking forward to the week, and I'm looking forward to the exhaustion I'll feel at the end of it. There's a big difference between being tired because of illness and being tired because of an honest day's work. I'm so thankful that God has given me the blessing of my job and how accomodating it is to my situation. I couldn't have found a more ideal situation. God is so good. Even in those times when life isn't, God is.

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