Sunday, March 12, 2006

Prayer and Prescriptions

Try as you will, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart, love.

--Victor Hugo

About a week and a half ago I was lying in bed next to my husband, propped up by several pillows as I struggled to breathe. I found myself smiling and completely happy despite my aching lungs. I was smiling because I knew that no matter what was going on and no matter what we were going to face at the next doctor appointment, I could count on Brad to be there.

For me, my relationship with my husband is every bit as important to my health as my enzymes and breathing treatments. I believe that there is a very strong connection to the human body through the human spirit. I believe that God designed us in that very way. When he created woman from man's rib, He did so deliberately.

Whenever I'm not feeling well, my husband makes sure that I don't overdo things. He urges me to rest (even when I don't want to!) and takes care of things around the house so that I'm not preoccupied by thinking about such things. He picks up prescriptions for me, he goes to bat with the insurance company and home healthcare nurses, and does it all without a moment of hesitation.

Right now as I'm in the process of battling a lung exacerbation, I don't have to worry about the outcome. My doctors have prescribed the right antibiotic to target the infection, but I know it takes more than just good science to make me whole. Brad is faithfully praying for me. Because I am a Christian, I know that prayer is far more powerful than anything my doctors could prescribe. There is much to be gained from the modern marvels of medical science, as is the case with antibiotics. My physical state is very much dependent on such things. However, my spiritual and emotional well-being is firmly rooted in knowing that I am married to an incredible man of faith.

Some people say that religion or faith is a crutch. If it is then I'm glad I have these crutches to hold us up because I certainly couldn't do it on my own!

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