Friday, February 24, 2006

What a Day

Some days you're the pigeon; some days you're the statue.


I was only halfway through my 2nd toaster strudel this morning when my upstairs neighbor knocked on my door. He informed me that ours was one of a couple cars that were vandalized during the night. The passenger window was smashed to pieces. The glove compartment and center console were ransacked. I can't think of anything that may have been lying out in the open to attract the baddies. The only thing that may have been appealing was the little prescription bottle I had resting in the cupholder. (I try to keep enzymes handy for any snacking I do in the car)

The bad guy must have been disappointed with my collection of CDs, because I mostly had stuff by Christian artists. I hope my "ocean music and whale songs" relaxation CDs bring that person some peace into what would otherwise be a pretty stressful life of crime. It's actually sort of amusing that what's missing are some random CDs, a jacket, a camera and some Creon. I'd be mildly curious to learn what sort of "recreational" uses they thought they could get from the Creon. (Have fun trying to snort a line of crushed enzymes, Cheech!)

I'm upset about the inconvenience of it all. It has also made us think more seriously about moving into a place of our own that has a garage. But all in all I know that no matter what, God is providing for all my needs at any given moment. Stuff is just stuff. Even if I were to lose everything material in this world--even to the point of my own life--I would still not be shaken.

That doesn't mean I'm going to sit back and let things just happen as they may. Brad and I have stepped things up in the security department. I am still a little rattled from the experience and having some issues with hyper-vigilence, but nothing that's going to send me completely off kilter. Afterall, rain falls on the just and the unjust. Today just happened to be my day to be the statue.
Current mood: snarky
Current snack: Vienna Creme cookies
Health-O-Meter: 75% of baseline (grrrrrrr)
Emotional Weather: distant thunder

Hi Lauren!
Sorry for the short reply on my blog to your comment but I was at a net cafe and ran out of minutes...anyways, just wanted to say hello, nice blog u got there. And you seem to have a great sense of cool!
Hope you are doing well...
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