Tuesday, January 31, 2006


The sea, shrouded by a thick haze
Beats an uneven cadence on the shore.

Water tumbles over itself, anxious to erase the still-fresh footprints of the seagulls.
Sea breezes toss the salty spray upward
As breaking waves continue.

Forever moving forward.
Forever pulling back.

The rolling waves chant a monotonous, lulling song.
A lullaby of a whisper.

Each wave is its own shape
Its own length
Its own beauty.
Forever moving in.
Forever moving out.
A lullaby of a whisper.

I see myself reflected in the character of these waves.
Yet consistently so.

I hurry toward the shore.
Only to find myself pulled back again.
My soul hears your voice in a monotonous, lulling song.

“Rest here with me.”

Your lullaby of a whisper comforts me.
As the haze around my heart lifts
I sense that it is your love that is burning the haze away.
My heart pulses a love song to you.

In you I put my hope.
In you I put my hope.

Psalm 33:7-8

Peaceful, calming and introspective prose. I could hear the waves,
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