Wednesday, February 15, 2006


It was cold out there, bitter, biting, cutting,
piercing, hyperborean, marmoreal cold, and there were all these Minnesotans running around outdoors, happy as lambs in the spring.
--Charles Kuralt

I'm a wimp when it comes to cold. Anything less than 70 degrees Farenheit, and I start dressing in layers and top it all off with a heavy coat. I know, I know--I'm a stereotypical southern Californian. But just in case you're wondering, no I don't live at the beach or drive a convertible.

I know I shouldn't complain when there are people in New York who are enduring a particularly nasty cold snap and one of the largest snowfalls on record (2 ft) for this time of year, but like I already said, I'm a wimp.

Yesterday I was up at Camp Pendleton doing some work. It wasn't field work this time, so I dressed as I usually do for working indoors--slacks, short sleeve blouse, and a light 3/4 sleeve sweater. In all honesty I expected to ditch the sweater by midmorning thinking I would be nice and warm. Boy was I wrong! The building I was in was extremely cold. I was shivering practically all day. At one point I went outside to stand in a patch of sunshine, thinking that might warm me up a bit, but there was such a cold breeze blowing, that it only made things seem colder. I am convinced that my body burned up much of its reserve energy just trying to get warm. By the time I got home I was completely exhausted.

After dinner I put on my warmest flannel pajamas (the ones Brad picked out for me as a gift our 1st Christmas), covered my feet with nice thick Winnie the Pooh slipper socks, and crawled into bed. Brad covered me up with 2 extra blankets, and I slept like a rock until morning. I hardly moved at all. It felt so good to be warm.

The whole experience reminded me that it is very important that I keep working hard to put on additional weight. When I'm underweight (like right now), not only am I not able to keep warm, but I have less energy in reserve. I was disappointed that my workday took all the energy out of my that I would have much rather spent enjoying celebrating Valentine's Day with my husband.

Oh well. At least I made him a nice dinner :)

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