Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Gold Star for My Chart

Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence
like accomplishment.

--Thomas Carlyle

Whether it was due to any substantial effort on my part, or just the reality that my body is responding to the Levaquin, I am basking in the glow of my excellent PFTs at today's CF Clinic appointment. I had gained even from last week, which is stunning. Tonight's appointment was going to determine whether I was making enough progress with just the oral antibiotics, or if we needed to change horses midstream and go the IV therapy route.

My doctor prescribed another 2 weeks of Levaquin, which is fine by me! I'm mildly allergic to it, so I'm intermittently itchy on the trunk of my body, but that is minimal discomfort. I'd much rather put up with a little bit of itchiness than be hospitalized or have to deal with IVs.

In other news, the nutritionist thinks that putting me on Prevacid would help with the malabsorption issues I have. I welcome any comments from you other CFers out there who may be taking something like that (I think Zantac was another one she mentioned). I recently had to increase the amount of vitamin supplements that I take because my bloodwork showed that they just weren't soaking into my bloodstream.

The other big development in my health care is that I'm going to be started on the hypertonic saline treatments that we've all read so much about lately. I've been using OTC saline sprays to irrigate my sinuses ever since surgery last spring, and I've hardly had any problems with that. I figure between living in a coastal area and doing the saline nebulizer treatments, this could definitely be a good thing for me.

All in all, things are on a good track it seems. I'm excited and happy about how things are. There are times though when it's not too fun to realize that in order to have this fulfilling, healthful life, I have to spend dozens of hourse each week doing treatments, taking meds, etc. But then I think that even if I were to add up all that time that I have to dedicate to my healthcare, the trade-off translates into a longer life. That puts it all into perspective for me. I think that's the real essence behind the CF Foundation's slogan "adding tomorrows every day".

You are exactly right. Keep taking your meds, and treatments because I'm sure it does help. You are more thankful for every day that you have than most people that have taken it for granite.
My sis in law, Rachel, just got out of the hospital, and is home with sort of a permanent IV(not sure what you call that) for her meds. but she seems to be doing better. :)
THanks for the comment. I'm sorry that your sister in law has to be on IVs. I also have the permanent IV site (which by the way is called a portacath or "port" for short).

I tend to be VERY dilligent with my meds because I know that without them I'd be sunk.

Please pass along my well-wishes to Rachel. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you, Lauren.
Rachel tends to be the same way, as soon as she gets sick, she doesn't take any chances, and gets seen right away. I think that's smart.
I wrote a poem last night about Ericka. You can read it on my blog. It brought up so much pain, on second thought, don't read it. :) I don't want to bring you down.
Take care,
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