Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So I Embellish a Little...

I enjoy the crafts on the show enormously, too, when we have experts in showing how to make things. You watch them thinking you'll go home and do the things yourself, which is fun.

--Jane Asher

I've always been a creative type. The first crafty thing I learned how to do was needlepoint. Then I learned cross-stitch. Whenever I'm taking a break from work--intentional or not-- I like doing some light-duty arts and crafts to pass the time. I got hooked on card-making about 3 years ago when I needed to find some sort of "occupational therapy" to help defuse my stress level. My mother-in-law continued to fuel my creative fire when she shared with me her love of stamping. I never did quite get into scrapbooking or "Creative Memories". I think I'm too much of a perfectionist to see a project of that magnitude through to the end! Although I haven't quite gotten the hang of the fancier stuff, I'm starting to get there thanks to a little present I bought myself at Michael's the other day. (Hooray for 40% off coupons!)

Today's picture is the embellishment tool kit that I bought. It's made by "Making Memories", one of the top names in scrapbook and papercraft products. I had been eyeing the set for quite awhile, but had no clue how to use things like eyelets and brads and all those nifty little trinkets that make a homemade care look...well...not quite so homemade. On my recent trip to visit my cousin, I noticed that she had the little tool kit for her scrapbooking stuff, so I, convinced her to show me how to use it. Very fun!

The funny part is, the process is almost exactly the same as what I used to do at my part-time job in college. I was given the task of cutting out several filters from a piece of fabric. I was handed a big cutting tool and an impressively large mallet, and told to make at least 500 little circles from the organdy fabric. Those filters were then going to be coated with different chemicals and used to catch particulate matter from the air. Of course, punching holes in paper with the little hammer in the Making Memories tool kit requires a much more delicate touch, but that doesn't mean it's any less satisfying to pound away!

So far I haven't done anything with eyelets (because I didn't buy any). The few cards I've made have had little brads added to them as an embellishment here and there. Eventually I'll branch out, but I figured I should start small. If anything, the handicrafts keep me sane while I wait to return to work.

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Hi Lauren... I have been meaning to e-mail you for awhile! You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad your PFT's went back up! That is a huge blessing. We just got a new computer last week. In the process of setting that up and switching from dial up to high speed i have been slacking on replying to e-mails.
Even though I don't have B. Cepacia I don't hang out with CFers either as precaution. You are not alone! I was asked a couple weeks ago to speak at the CF Education day at Stanford. I said I didn't want to go there because of cross-infection. They video taped me as an alternative and showed it there. I heard it went well (Seth went and told me all the details.) Levi was in the tape too, being a goofy baby... and Seth said the audience kept laughing at him.
I hope you continue to do well. It is hard to remain in high spirits when your PFT's drop. God bless you Lauren... have a good day!
Hey Lauren -

I'd love to show you how to use all that nifty stuff you now possess - it is very much like the kit I have from Stampin' Up! You're right about the lighter touch - I have smashed a few eyelets as I learned to control my swing. Crafts are fun and relaxing - we love the pretty cards you make!

Glad you are feeling better - God is Good, all the time!

Love ya lots,
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