Thursday, August 17, 2006


I am tired. My arm aches. My head boils. My feet are cold. But I am not aware of any weakness.

--Zane Grey

My body seems to be rebelling against me. I've been taking care of it, feeding it good foods, taking my meds, going to bed on time--still I guess it's not enough. Tuesday afternoon my right knee was aching. At first I though it was because I had worn high-heeled boots to work. But then during the night my left knee started aching so badly that it woke me up! I could hardly even hobble out of bed. It felt like someone had bashed me in the knees with an aluminum baseball bat.

They're still hurting. I took some AdvilPM to see if that would make much difference. I don't want to take anything too aggressive. I figured one AdvilPM had enough of the NSAID in it to to some good, and if all else failed, at the the PM part would knock me out so I wouldn't be bothered by the pain. Usually stuff that has a PM component to it doesn't knock me out. It just makes me really relaxed. We'll see how this works.

I'm frustrated that there seems to be no good cause for this joint pain. Typically when I have a problem like this, I feel achy in my ankles too. Perhaps this is a delayed reaction to all the meds I've been on lately. Maybe it's even some crazy new thing my body is doing because of hormones. Either way, I hope it doesn't last.
Current mood: resigned
Current snack: chocolate covered almonds
Health-o-meter: 70% of baseline
Emotional weather: slight fog; clearing by early evening

So, I am not one to dispense medical advice... ok who am I kiddin, of course I am. 30 years experience in the medical field does that to ya.
Anyway, I prefer to mix drugs, tylenol with NSAIDs always works better than one or the other. The pain I get is my biggest problem right now. The Saline is working my lungs over, but I can't sleep on my side anymore or my shoulders and hips are in extreme pain. I take NSAID and tylenol, and maybe zantac if I have taken too much.
I was told once that the CF is so hard on our bodies that we age faster than most regular people. Heart compensating for lungs, causes some problems. Also bad circulation and low O2 levels doesn't help. Some days I feel 72 instead of 31. On those days I keep the slippers on and take extra hot baths. But it sounds uncalled for if you are already taking care of yourself.
I know what you mean about being uncomfortable in certain positions. I actually sleep with a little stuffed animal under my arm to prop me up a bit. Sounds like a silly thing, I know, but you gotta do what works.
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