Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Sam: Nobody likes the whites, but we're going to Cuba in August. You got Dramamine?

Kaffee: Dramamine keeps you cool?

--A Few Good Men

Ahhh....I didn't realize what a world of difference just a few degrees could make. The contractor came out yesterday and installed out new air conditioner and things have been so much more comfortable around here. Instead of sitting around doing nothing for fear of dissolving into a puddle of sweat, we've been making good progress getting things put away in the new house. I managed to get the drapery rods put up in the bedroom without wrecking the wall. The real shocker is that it's all level.

I was excited last night when I counted up the number of IV meds left in the fridge and determined that I would be finished by Wednesday. As it turns out, I'll have another two days. The home healthcare delivery guy showed up today with more supplies and meds. Yippee. Excuse me while I jump for joy. I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow night, and I think I'm going to ask that we just discontinue the meds. Maybe I'm just anxious about being done with the IVs, but I think the Tobramycin is making me weird. Every once in awhile I'm off-balance, and my ear seems to be ringing more than usual. Of course, that could be my body chemistry getting readjusted, but you can't be too careful with Tobra.

Lung wise I'm doing a lot better too. I'm able to laugh and talk without having to catch my breath. Now that our house isn't a kiln, I'm not as hoarse either. Air conditioning has so many wonderful benefits! Even so, I hope that the weather starts cooling off a bit. I don't particularly like the thought of returning to work and having to do field outings in such muggy weather. The schedule has me signed up to go to Phoenix at some point soon. Ugh.

Current mood: confident
Current snack: cheese sandwich
Health-o-Meter: 85% of baseline
Emotional Weather: clear skies

Love the cheese! Don't know if you are familiar with some fellow cheese lovers, Wallace and Gromit, I think they are hilarious. Good for some laugh therapy: http://www.wallaceandgromit.com/

Glad you got the A/C. I wouldn't survive without it. For some reason when I get hot I cough a ton. When people visit me in the hospital they always bring jackets, no matter the season, because they know my room will be 65-68.

Be careful of the Tobra. I had Eight Cranial Nerve damage. Had to relearn how to walk, ride a bike, swim, etc. I can only do TOBI (Tobra neb) once a day (for the 28 days) and I still get vertigo and ringing when I do.
Wow, I didn't realize tobra could do THAT much damage. No wonder they made me sign so much paperwork when I opted for it in spite of having ringing in my ears already. Unfortunately, I don't have many options when it comes to antibiotics. I'm allergic to most of them.

I cough a lot in the heat too and I get really hoarse to the point of losing my voice.

By the way, Wallace and Grommit are awesome. I've watched them for years. Speaking of cheese, have you heard the "Cheese from Around the World" song sung by Pinky of "Pinky and the Brain" fame? It's wonderfully random and entertaining.
hello,my name is shari.i have an 11 year old daughter with cystic fibrosis.if you need talk,let me know and i will be here.i check my page everyday.hope you get better.bye for now.shari
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