Sunday, May 14, 2006

New York or Bust!

The nice thing about New York is that you're finally able to wear those winter clothes that have been sitting in your closet in moth balls.

--Kyle MacLachlan

Brad and I are planning our long-awaited trip to New York! This will be a bit of an adventure for us, but one I'm sure will prove memorable. We're going to do some touristy stuff in NYC, then take a train out to visit some friends. From there we're off to Vermont and New Hampshire as something of a side trip or two. The timing is perfect for a lot of reasons, and since the opportunity presented itself, we're going to attempt to take full advantage of it.

My doctor appointment last Wednesday showed me to be in good health in terms of lung function and nutritional status, so I doubt this willl take too much energy out of me. The appointment the other night was pretty much the usual fare. I did my PFTs downstairs before coming up to the clinic. I managed to perform around 75% of predicted, which was an improvement even from last time. That was actually a surprise since I was feeling a bit tight after having been exposed to a co-worker's perfume just prior to my appointment. My weight was also up to 54 kilos--don't ask me what that is in pounds, but trust me, it's a good number.

The only disappointing part of the night was finding out that that the amount of hearing loss I have sustained from ototoxic medication (i.e. TOBI) doesn't appear to be reversible. The ringing in my left ear has gotten quite annoying in the last several weeks, and nearly all sounds seem muffled to that ear. Still, I'm reluctant to face the possibility of needing a hearing aid. As bothersome as it is to have to make sure I'm tuned in with my "good ear", it's not unbearable--yet. That's something I chose not to dwell upon, because truth be told, it bums me out.

Have a great trip!

Love and Light,
hey it's been awhile. im sad to hear about your ear. that is such a bummer, and i bet very hard news to take in. maybe i shouldn't grumble so much when they want to take all those blood tests for tobra levels.

i havent been on my blog for awhile cause i gave in and got a myspace.

i hope you have a good trip to new york. dont tire yourself out, but have lots and lots of fun!

Thanks! We're not leaving just yet, but since all the plans are coming together I thought I'd write about it.
Hope you have a good trip and that you stay well. I've been reading the back entries of your blog and they are such an encouragement to me as a girl with CF. Thank you.
Lots of love
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