Friday, April 21, 2006

What's that Smell?

[It] has its own smell. One I've liked very much--flowers, heat and freshness, with a vinaigrette dressing of gasoline over the top.

--Jonathan Carroll

Back in December my company changed its office location. The parking at the new place is far superior, but the proximity of my desk to the restroom is not. I've learned that if I even *think* I may have to use the facilities, I should go ahead and start the journey through the aqua and ecru catacombs that comprise our complicated hallway system. Oddly enough, we have 2 separate kitchen areas on the second floor of the building, but only one set of restrooms.

During my lunch break today I stayed at the office instead of going home, which meant I needed to use the restroom at the same time everyone else did. I wound my way over there and turned the final corner and...PHEWWWWWW!

I don't know who the brilliant genius was who decided that the opening for the kitchen should face the restrooms, but my goodness, what a frightful thing. Someone had apparently burned a bag of microwave popcorn, someone else was nuking what seemed to be a broccoli and toe cheese casserole and I don't even want to speculate about what was going on in the restroom.

On Monday I'll eat at home again. I'm pretty sure it's going to take at least that long for me to get my appetite back.

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